Ratko Martinović (born May 7, 1985) is Croatian author of Science Fiction and Spirituality Novels and Short Stories, Publicist, Anchor Man of the TV show 'Klopka' ('The Trap') on SBTV, Editor of the online edition of magazines 'Nexus' and 'Light' and Blogger at most popular daily newspapers 'Vecernji list'

Ratko was born and raised in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, elder of two children (his younger brother is Marko). Martinovic's interest in mysteries, secrets and alternative topics came from comics ('Martin Mystere'), books (A.C. Clarke's work, David Icke, Graham Hancock) and TV shows, and it influenced his later work as journalist and book author. After school he tried Law School but his love for writing prevailed so he wrote his first book 'World's Mysteries and Secrets' in 2007.

In the next four years he established himself in the world of sports (MMA, Football transfers) and political journalism (Politika, HRSvijet, Dnevno). Today, he is active journalist with thousands of published articles, film reviews, columns, TV and radio shows. He also writes short SF stories, participates in organization of the SF convention 'Marsonikon', and he is established lecturer on conferences and universities. He is a frequent guest in various TV and radio shows (multiple guest of the show 'Na rubu znanosti' - 'The Edge of Science'), he has his own Podcast show and he interviewed many famous authors and persons such as David Icke, William Engdahl, Stewart Swerdlow, Max Egan, Rick Simpson, Semir Osmanagić, Dan Hardy, Badr Hari and many others. In 2014 he released his second book called 'Subliminal messages' and in 2016 you'll see promotions of his novel 'Kaleidoscope' and third book 'Social Engineering'. He is also very well known for SBTV's TV Show called 'The Trap' with not so 'mainstream' themes in politics, economics, criminal, sports etc.


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